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The video message platform for all

Within your company

Within your company

  •  Communicate in a different way on sensitive issues.
  •  Motivate and challenge your teams
  •  Establish a real bond
  •  Federate, train and greet
  •  Your messages are sent by email and push notification for Smartphones
  •  Check out who has viewed your video message and when.
  •  A very scalable and cost-effective solution

With clients and partners

With clients and partners

  •  Improve your clients/suppliers rexchanges
  •  A video message is more personal and friendly than a simple email
  •  Video is more efficient to sell products or services
  •  message video lets you credibilise.
  •  Project the image of a cutting-edge technology organization
  •  Stand out from the competition !

With friends and family

With friends and family

  •  Video is more friendly than a simple written message
  •  Video makes your greetings and messages more fun
  •  Send your message to one family member or to a whole groupe of friends
  •  Your video can be viewed via email or the applicationWideoVox
  •  Schedule your messages
  •  Check who has read your message and when with the statistics tool
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How does it work ?

1 Record your message
Record your message

With your PC's webcam or your Smartphone and via the application WideoVox, your can record your video or audio message , add a title,and if you wish, a descriptive and an attachment...

2 Choose the recipients
Choose the recipients

Select your recipients via the Wideovox contact manager. In just a few clicks you can choose contacts, individuals or groups, retrieved from your address books...

3 Schedule your message
Schedule your message

Choose to send your message in delayed or real time by selecting the date and time...

4 View the statistics
View the statistics

With the WideoVox statistics tool, you'll know what percentage, when and who has seed your video message !